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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Keep your bloody hands Off Syria! How can you help if you don't support war with Syria

Well it has now been a year since I first came to Portland and what a year too. If someone would have told me that so many things would have happened and that I would have had so many experiences during this time, it would have been difficult to believe. But more of all that happy stuff later in a future post! 

Right now there seems to be some more pressing issues so I'm just going to talk about these things instead. We are less than 5 days away from Congress voting on whether we should start a war with Syria or not. It seems that the majority of Americans, as well as the World do not want us to attack Syria, yet the propaganda machine is in full throttle mode. The charade that President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain, their minions, including the media are playing is horribly embarrassing and immoral. This is especially obvious since they have lied to us many times in recent history. Some examples that come to mind are the Gulf of Tonkin incident, 9/11 and the Iraq War. In each of these 3 cases, our American government has lied to us in the most obvious and blatant way. Most of us are not buying it at all this time. Over a period of time, you can start to recognize the patterns when they try to perform a new false flag operation, like they are definitely doing now in Syria. There is credible evidence that our government, perhaps along with the UK has been supplying chemical weapons to the rebels, many of whom are actually a group that was number 1 on the hit list for terrorists to watch out for when they were the flavor the month boogeyman, Al Qaeda. What a slap in the face of all those who lost their lives on 9/11 and thereafter. 

I'm sure this is all old news to most who may be reading this post. I'm encouraging everyone to do something to help Stop us from starting a War in Syria. There are a number of things, some really don't take much time either. I know a lot of people have a busy schedule of classic distractions like TV, but you help without too much of a time commitment. There are also things you can do to help which involve a little more of your time. A lot of time people feel like if they helped, that unless they are going all hardcore activist 100% that their effort is not worth it, useful or appreciated. There is no one size fits all solution for any of this or really for anything in life that matters. Everyone is a unique individual and capable of helping in a variety of ways. 

Contact your Congressional Representative. Tell them No War in Syria!
If you are Patriotic and if you care about your country, get pissed at what they are trying to do!! Call your Congressional Representatives to tell them NO WAR in SYRIA period. Then send them emails with the same message. Find a No War in Syria protest/rally in your area and show your support and get involved. If there isn't one in your area, start one yourself! This is all unfolding in a very bad way and it is not in the best interest of the Syrian people, the American people or the people of the world to attack Syria. It is solely in the interest of the Military Industrial Complex who have hijacked our country! 

Call and/or Email your Senators and Representatives in Congress and let them know how you feel about another war!! 

Some other things you can do is to find a protest/rally in your city or area to attend. If no rally is happening in your area, you can start one!  If you want to commit more time, you can volunteer to get more involved, such as promoting the event, making signs, fliers and banners, getting together with other activists to do these things can also be a good option for many people.
You can get together with a small group of activists and hand out fliers at public places that are busy or post them all over the place and on the windows of businesses that give you permission to do so. You can also share important info, updates and news on social networks such as Facebook, but if you do, know that you are doing a good thing and could be raising awareness for some of these issues, but more often than not, it often ends up being a whole lot of preaching to the choir. Other things to do which will be very effective in the long run is to boycott companies who support the war efforts and who are closely tied to the Military Industrial Complex. 

Here's a useful article about what you can do to stop a war on Syria. This even has a list of things to say when you contact your representative.

We don't have much time to act on this. The War Machine is revved up and they are not going to back down without a fight! Let's try to minimize the damage as much as we can by making Congress vote on behalf of the people. Make a lot of noise and let's be heard! HANDS OFF SYRIA!

Here's some photos from a No War with Syria protest and march we had in downtown Portland last Saturday, Aug 31.

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