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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The difference between a CHEMTRAIL and CONTRAIL

This first picture shows Chemtrails, which were taken yesterday.

This second picture shows a Contrail, which was taken today. Today there were no Chemtrails, only normal Contrails.

See the difference?
The Chemtrails persist and eventually turn into rather normal looking clouds, yet a normal Contrail fades seconds after it is formed.


  1. Different atmospheric conditions (obvious in these images) create different contrail behavior, the same way it creates different cloud formations and bahavior different days.

    However, if you could show what you assert are "chemtrails" AND contrails at the same time and altitude, that would be reasonable evidence to consider.

    1. Here's you evidence in video. But I still don't understand why, is it the engine type, fuel used, or what?


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