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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ex Government Employee talks about Chemtrails - Discloses Details - Part 1

A.C. Griffith who was associated with the NSA (National Security Agency) and carried a top-secret cryptographic clearance and in more recent times associated with CIA operations talks about the Purpose of Chemtrail Aerosol. He candidly speaks about getting inside the the Chemtrail Aerosol program at Wright Patterson Air Force Base where it (Operation Cloverleaf) is being managed.

He also states that the white trails coming out of these aircraft are coming out of aerosol units on the aircraft, they are using barium salt and it is the most secretive thing he has ever encountered.

He is doing this out of patriotism and love for his country, as with myself and most of the people who have a burning desire to bring the truth about Chemtrails and other harmful programs and events to the forefront of discussion, activism and change. What they are doing to our skies, our atmosphere, our crops, our health and quality of living is absolutely wrong. Enough is enough, let's demand they stop poisoning the planet!

Here's an online petition called "Stop Poisoning Us" sponsored by wakesheep.com.

This is one of just many things we can do to make a difference!

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